MINOT, N.D. (KX News) — While many people decorate their homes for Christmas, a pair of twin sisters who live in Minot take it above and beyond.

Lorraine McLeod and Lorine Tallerino share their love of Christmas. Each year, they decorate the inside of their home with various holiday scenes.

“It’s fun to set up,” said McLeod. “It’s fun, well, it’s not so much fun to take down, but I like taking it down and cleaning it all up and repacking it. And then I can’t wait for the following year to show up so I can start all over again!”

The long-time tradition began when McLeod received her first three houses and carolers from her mom in the 70s.

“I set it up on our dining room table and then I put flower arrangements all around it cause I only had three little houses, and then we went shopping,” said McLeod.

The sisters have been collecting items ever since, which has grown the decor into what you see today.

We have a merry-go-round that plays music and the little animals go up and down,” said Tallerino. “We have a Santa Claus over here that the kids go around. Santa Claus turns, puts his arm around the kid and the elf takes a picture.”

And it’s not just things they buy…both Tallerino and McLeod make some of the decor.

“All the mountains are carved by me and then I spray paint them and then dust them with glitter,” said Tallerino.

The twins say it brings them joy to let people see their hard work for the holidays, so each year, they invite people to visit.

“It’s just a heartfelt desire to share this with people,” said McLeod. “People I don’t know, friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors. We had neighbors come in that were just in awe and it’s just a lot of fun to share this with people. Makes my heart feel good. I feel full.”

Although this may seem like a lot on display, the sisters say they actually downsized a bit this year and they have plenty in storage that will be out next Christmas.

It takes them about six weeks to get all of the decorations set up each Christmas and they begin taking them down after New Year.