GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Dry January is a time when people quit drinking alcohol for a month. In Greenville, some bottle shops offer non-alcoholic beverage options to help provide more options to people this month.

Some go dry in January for their health, others to save money and some to cut back on overall drinking.

“Just want to start the year off healthy, and I feel like COVID got us all into some bad habits that I’m now trying to break,” said Kate Harrington, a Greenville resident starting Dry January.

But for some in Greenville, a month of stone-cold sobriety can feel more like a month without a social life, which is one reason bottle shops started to sell non-alcoholic beverages.

“I think people feel weird in social settings if they don’t actually have a drink,” Harrington said. “But if you have something that looks like a beer, but is non-alcoholic, then maybe I feel people are going to feel more inclined to be able to participate.”

Jarvis Street Bottle Shop, a local Greenville business that sells craft beers and wines, said they are happy to provide an alternative for people who still want the social aspect that comes with drinking.

“Just as a good option for people who you know don’t want to drink alcohol. It doesn’t have to do with Dry January, sometimes people have medical conditions and whatnot, and they can’t. Some others, they just prefer not to drink alcohol anymore, so I have quite a few options for that,” said General Manager Lars Riggins.

Riggins also said Jarvis Street Bottle Shop encourages other stores to sell these alternatives.

“It increases your chance of another sale, so it would be ridiculous not to carry something like that, try to increase your business,” said Riggins.