PICKENS CO., SC (WSPA) – It has been nearly 4 weeks since Jessica Edens shot 3 people, including her 2 children, and then turned the gun on herself.

Now, we know a lot more about why.

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office has released the entire case file, including the note Edens left behind.

We don’t normally report on suicides notes, but the sheriff’s office has released Edens letter, among 79 documents and supporting dash cam video, hoping that it may shed light on a case that is, in many ways, beyond comprehension.

The hand written note, found in her car, left running at the Greenville-Pickens Speedway, starts with an apology:

“To my parents and my sister I am so sorry for the pain I am causing all of you.”

It expresses “love” of her family and best friend, even an apology to her first husband Nate, before the letter takes a darker turn.

“She developed a plan, made her mind up and she executed that plan and it’s just very tragic for the family and we want to try to give them the best closure we can. That’s why we want to release these documents as best as we are allowed to,” said Creed Hashe with the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office says evidence in the report is indisputable.

Investigators who found her body in her car along with those of her children have no doubt Edens killed her 5-year-old daughter Harper Edens, her 9-year-old son Hayden King, and 28-year-old Meredith Rahme.

The documents show her motive was her troubled state of mind after a broken marriage.

She writes: “To Ben, you have caused me more pain than I’ve ever been in my life. You have caused my children pain. I hate you.”

Her only explanation for taking her children with her: “You can no longer hurt us. We are at peace.”

“In her suicide note there was a lot of anger expressed and one of the things that was noted was the delusional thinking that her children would be better off, her children would be at peace and no longer would be hurt if she committed the murder suicide that’s not common with just a person who is attempting suicide. That’s way more pathological,” said Angela Farmer, the Deputy Director at Behavioral Health Service of Pickens County.

“The documents show Edens texted her husband in the day’s prior. Those private messages redacted but alarming enough that her husband called Easley PD to do a check on the children at their home. No evidence of harm was found.”

One call that was not redacted, the one she made to her husband while he was at with the Greenville PD moments after she shot her children.

She said “Everyone you love is gone. Do you hear me. I’m about to be gone, too.”