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This raises safety concerns about fair rides especially since a South Carolina company is at the center of this deadly accident.

“Amusements of America” was listed on the permit for that Ohio ride that malfunctioned. On the companies website it shows that it houses and inspects those rides at a facility in Florence, South Carolina but officials in both North and South Carolina say they have regulations in place to keep things like this from happening here.

Fairs and carnivals are usually filled with food, laughter and exciting rides, that’s why Teresa Miller takes her children to the fair each year.

But, the recent tragedy at the Ohio State Fair is making this mom think twice about the rides her kids get on. Teresa Miller, “I’ve heard about accidents in the past so I already think twice about it.”

Wednesday’s deadly accident at the Ohio State Fair is an all too familiar story. 5 people were hurt, after being thrown from the vortex ride at North Carolina’s State Fair in 20-13. Incidents like these have parents looking to the people responsible for ensuring ride safety.

Dolores Quesenberry with the North Carolina Department of Labor and Inspections, “basically in North Carolina has one of the more stringent inspection programs…we have a very strong program again the rides have to meet the manufactures specifications 100 percent.”

North Carolina rides are inspected each time they are assembled.

Ride operators are also require to do one operational check per day.

In South Carolina law requires an annual inspection of all rides before they operate as well as periodic inspections during any event in which they’re up and running.

Still, this mom says she may be careful about what rides her kids are allowed on, Teresa Miller, “maybe the tiny rides the little kids rides are fine, but not the bigger ones. my kids are not that crazy about big rides anyway so it works out.”

North Carolina has issued a moratorium on “K-M-G Fire Ball” rides across the state following the incident in Ohio. In South Carolina, officials say they will not authorize the operation of any FireBall ride until the investigation in Ohio wraps up.