ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Women in Albuquerque are selling positive pregnancy tests with a “no questions asked” attitude. Most recently, one of them garnered a lot of negative reactions when she posted her ad to a Facebook group.

The post was plastered to an Albuquerque area Facebook sales group and reads, “Need a positive pregnancy test? Don’t worry. Don’t ask, don’t tell applies.” The woman who wrote the ad posted pictures of herself with a big belly, along with a price of $30 per test.

People KRQE News 13 talked to on the streets were stunned to see someone doing such a thing.

One person suggested it could be a prank, but people on Facebook who commented about the positive test ad said someone who buys it could be looking to trap their boyfriend or scam him out of faux abortion money.

The one posted to Facebook Tuesday appeared to be taken down by the next day after hundreds of comments, mostly slamming the woman. But a quick search of the Albuquerque cyberspace, and another woman has posted a Craigslist ad selling positive tests for $25.

While people KRQE News 13 talked to on the streets hadn’t heard of the practice before, it’s not totally uncommon.

A woman doing the same thing in Florida was tracked down by a local news station. She said she could make hundreds in a day and that the money was helping her through college.

KRQE News 13 reached out to both of the Albuquerque women selling the tests. As of news time, neither have responded.