7News told you last week about the search for the owner of a special pendant that had been donated to an Upstate thrift store.

It had a picture of 2 young girls on it, and the store figured the donation was a mistake.

Now, a happy ending as that owner has come forward, with tremendous gratitude. 

You never know in life what will bring two people together.

 Today it was something lost that has now been found. 

“It was the one thing I hoped I could get back,” said Rhonda Parsons from Greenville.

The priceless item now in her hands, is a pendant of her and her sister Shannon, at age six and four.   

 Tes Pearo  is a manager at Miracle Hill Thrift Store in Mauldin.

“When we were little, we were close. We did everything together.   After my mom passed away she sort of disappeared.  So having that one picture of her means more than I can say,” said Parsons.

The pendant was part of a storage box of her and her deceased mother’s belongings a family member donated in error.

 6 days ago 7News talked to Pearo  after she posted a plea online.  She had one hope.

“Really really hoping that somebody recognizes it and it can get back to the right family,” said Pearo.

That’s where Parsons’ friend,  Anna Shaw, comes in.

“I saw these two little girls and I’m like, those are not just two little girls, I know those little girls, that’s got to be Rhonda,” said Shaw.

“What Tes did posting it online and what you guys did with the story, to me, its a miracle,” said Parsons.

Pearo, knew just how Parsons must have felt, since her family photos had been mistakingly donated to a thrift store a decade ago.

“It is just absolutely amazing to me that my things were given away, her things were given away, both of them donated to thrift stores, that’s just so coincidental.”

Another coincidence is that after Parsons’ mom past away she was forced to find a new home and is staying right now at a shelter that is paid for, by the very dollars you spend at Miracle Hill Thrift stores.
 Today, Parsons was even able to recover more of her belongings.  

And with this pendant, comes new hope of another reunon.. one between two sisters. 

“I have a lot of love for my sister and I don’t think she really knows it.  And I would love for her to know, how much I love her,” said Parsons.