CHESTER, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson, the pair linked to five murders and the subjects of a multi-state manhunt in 2021, pleaded guilty Wednesday.

The pair was sentenced to life in prison by a Chester County judge.

Simpson and Terry were both charged with the murder of Eugene O’Brien Simpson, the husband of Adrienne Simpson. Mr. Simpson’s body was found in a ditch in Chester County several days after investigators said he went missing.

Terry is also charged with the murder of Thomas Hardin who was found dead on May 2, 2021, on Lowry Row in York – the same day Eugene Simpson went missing.

Police in St. Louis County, Missouri accused Terry of speeding away from two deadly shootings in May 2021.

St. Louis authorities said the victims included an elderly couple who had been targeted as they drove home from a night out. The husband was injured by gunfire, his 70-year-old wife was killed.

A St. Louis doctor was also gunned down while leaving a trendy suburban restaurant.

Surveillance video was recovered and led police to a silver SUV used in both crimes. More police work tracked the suspects to a St. Louis area hotel. By the time police descended on the hotel, Terry and Simpson were gone, driving back east towards the Carolinas.

The two were also linked to a fifth murder in Memphis, Tennessee, authorities said.

The manhunt for Terry began after authorities said he and Simpson fled a traffic stop in Chester County. The high-speed chase ended in a crash near Lewisville High School. Simpson, the driver of the vehicle, was arrested. Terry escaped.

After nearly seven days, Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey said Terry “made a mistake” when he ran across Highway 9. A force of 150 to 200 officers set up a perimeter and pushed in, walking every square inch to find and surround the suspect.

Terry was arrested without incident and taken to the hospital before he was transported to the Chester County Sheriff’s Office.

Terry was denied bond by a Chester County judge during his first court appearance.