PICKENS COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA)- People in Pickens County have a big decision to make this election, on whether or not alcohol sales will be allowed on Sundays across the county.

If you want a margarita or beer on a Sunday at Fiesta Mexican Restaurant in Liberty, you’ll have to wait.

“We have a lot of people who come in from out of town,” Employee Katelyn Turner said. “They’re really shocked when they come in here and they ask us for alcohol, and we tell them we can’t sell it in this county.”

Liberty is one of the cities in Pickens County that still doesn’t allow alcohol sales on Sundays.

Turner said, “It definitely affects how much money we’re able to make, because we definitely could make a lot more money and bring in a lot more business if we were able to.”

However, on Tuesday, voters will have the chance to change that law county-wide.

Earlier this year, Pickens County Council voted to put two Sunday alcohol sales referendums on the ballot.

The questions on the ballot ask whether to allow the sale of beer and wine on Sundays at places like convenience stores or grocery stores and if alcoholic beverages can be sold at approved businesses, like restaurants and bars.

Alex Saitta represents District 3 in Pickens County, and says he thinks the referendums shouldn’t even be on the ballot.

“I just don’t think making intoxicants, whether it’s alcohol, marijuana, or the craze we had with prescription painkillers years ago, more accessible to the public is a step in the right direction,” Saitta said.

However, Henry Wilson, who represents District 6 disagrees.

“It’s kind of nice that the local government can set individual ego and attitudes and personalities aside, and put things on the ballot so individual people can decide,” Wilson said.

Four cities in Pickens County, Clemson, Easley, Central and Pickens created a separate ordinance to allow alcohol sales on Sundays. This vote would not affect them.

If you live in Pickens County and are registered to vote, you can view the Pickens County sample ballots here.