Several dogs are getting care and animal control is working to seize several more from a home in Gray Court.

Giles Gilmer with Laurens Co. Animal Control said four dead dogs were found at a home in the 300 block of Kennedy Rd.

Gilmer says they have 9 adult Chihuahuas in their care.

Four puppies – about a week or two old – are getting specialized care at Holmes Veterinary Hospital.

Gilmer says several more dogs are roaming the property. Animal control was working Wednesday morning to seize those dogs. 

The man who lived in the now condemned house was arrested last week, according to jail records. 

Timothy Edward Glassford, 54, remains in the Laurens County Detention Center on an unrelated charge of aggravated assault and battery.

Sheriff Don Reynolds says they are seeking warrants for Ill treatment of animals due to the conditions the dogs were living in and the deceased animals on the property.

Reynolds says they are also investigating to see if this is link to 15 dead Chihuahuas found on Stoddard Mill Rd. in February.

He says they will make the appropriate charges if they are able to link Glassford to that incident.

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Gilmer said a neighbor notified animal control about the dogs on Monday. 

Glassford told animal control his girlfriend was feeding the dogs. 

Animal control officers visited the home and saw food, but when they returned Tuesday they found a dead dog on the front porch.

Gilmer said the house was in terrible shape and has been condemned.

“If you can imagine your worst nightmare of a house, this is probably it,” he said.

Glassford has surrendered the dogs and animal control is in need of rescues to help care for all the canines. 

Gilmer said they don’t know if this is a case of hoarding or a breeder.

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office is also investigating the case, he said.