LANDRUM, SC (WSPA) – A mom who admitted she was on prescription drugs and snorting a pill is charged with two counts of unlawful neglect of a child.

A manager at Bon Aire Apartments told Landrum police she had received several complaints from tenants about 25-year-old Lottie Catherine Johnson.

The report states that Johnson appeared intoxicated and people were concerned for her two small children.

A maintenance worker found Johnson outside in a lawn chair slouching as if she was about to fall out of the chair moments before she fell into a bush in the backyard and her speech was severely slurred, according to the report.

She staggered into her apartment where the apartment manager saw a 10-month-old and 3-year-old.

A neighbor said her son also took a photo of one of the children in a dog cage near the back porch of Johnson’s apartment, according to the report.

The children were taken into DSS custody.

Police say they found Johnson in a lawn chair at the rear of the apartment. They say her speech was severely slurred and appeared to have trouble keeping her eyes open.

They say her eyes were bloodshot and there was a yellow substance on her nostrils.

Johnson denied her child was in the dog cage and told police that she was on various prescription drugs and admitted snorting a pill through her nose.

She told police she had taken 1 Xanax pill, 1 Roxycodone pill and snorted 1/2 a Xanax pill that day, according to the report.