Oconee County Sheriffs Office is rolling out new technology to alert the public to high speed chases in their area. 

The way this technology works is when a high speed chase is happening in a 2 mile radius the public will be alerted.

The catch is that the citizen must have this free app Pursuit Alert.

It’s a project that’s been in the works for nearly two years.

The way it works is when a chase starts the deputy can hit a button on the device in their car and the alert goes out.

Sheriff Mike Crenshaw says this isn’t just a benefit for the public but also the safety of their deputies and furthering investigations.

The technology will allow them to track their speeds and routes while pursuing a suspect.

The sheriff says the cost for everything comes from the sheriff’s office and all the residents need to do to make this work is download the app.

He even encourages parents who have kids at Clemson to download it too.

Watch news conference on the new app below