SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – As the race for governor is heating up, SC Democratic Governor Nominee, Joe Cunningham and Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor Tally Casey addressed potential voters on Friday Night.

The two candidates both spoke at the “Rally with Joe and Tally” event, hosted by the Spartanburg County Democratic Party and Neue South Collective Founder Kathryn Harvey.

At the start of the event, dozens of Upstate residents chanted loud and clear the governor candidate they’re voting for in November.

“It’s important to support Joe Cunningham,” said Genia Murphy, a supporter.

“Big fan of Joe Cunningham,” said Chras Nulty, a supporter.

Teachers are also top of mind for the campaign.

“Politicians in Columbia are failing us and the fact is, when you fail our teachers you fail our kids,” Cunningham said.

If Cunningham wins in November, he’s vowing to fight for teachers.

“That’s why we’ve called for a 10 percent raise across the board for teachers,” Cunningham said. “Getting their starting salary up from $36,000 a year which is pathetic, to $50,000 by the end of my effected administration,” Cunningham said.

So, how does he plan to do it?

“First and foremost we’re going to legalize marijuana in South Carolina,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham also said he wants to legalize sports betting.

“And if the state can make a little bit of money off of that, and pay our teachers more and fix our roads–even better,” Cunningham said.

“Big fan of legalizing weed for South Carolina–many many benefits, much tax revenue,” Nulty said.

Cunningham and Casey are also fighting for better health care.

“Expanding Medicaid, that’s one of the big ones. Health Care. A woman’s right to choose,” Murphy said.

Governor McMaster’s Campaign released the following quote on Friday:

While Joe Cunningham lies about the governor, he refuses to say where he stands on Joe Biden’s foolish law that pretends we can spend our way out of inflation. The truth is that voters know the governor continues to deliver for them, including jobs, investment, and fighting every single day for the values that make South Carolina great. No Tik Tok video Joe Cunningham cuts or rally he holds is going to change the facts.

Mark Knoop, McMaster-Evette Campaign Manager

Meanwhile, during the event, Cunningham said it’s time for a change.

Murphy said she believes Cunningham and Casey can do the job.

“He has a good fight in the game because he’s going for everything that McMaster doesn’t like that a lot of people do like,” Murphy said.

Cunningham will face Republican Governor McMaster in November. Casey will go head to head with Pamela Evette for Lt. Governor.