GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) — Candidate for Governor Joe Cunningham (D) and Lieutenant Governor nominee Tally Casey held a rally Thursday at Southside Brewing Co. in Greenville.

It was a packed house Thursday night as Cunningham and Casey spoke on topics like women’s rights, legalizing marijuana and sports betting, and put a huge emphasis on education.

“It’s a new message and vision for South Carolina,” said Cunningham.

The two were met with applause and cheers Thursday night.

“We’re feeling great, you can tell from tonight that momentum is on our side,” said Cunningham. “Folks are ready for a change. In Columbia, Governor McMaster, with all due respect, has had almost half a century in politics.” 

They said it’s time for a change.

“Joe and I represent new leadership in South Carolina, and we really feel like this is a movement in South Carolina and know that crowds are building, excitement is building,” said Casey.

Greenville is the latest stop on their “Countdown to Freedom” Rally.

“We’re running a campaign on freedom, you know, we’re running to eliminate state income tax, give women the freedom to control their own bodies,” said Cunningham.

They say their ideas are common sense and represent all South Carolinians.

“Legalize marijuana and sports betting and take that money and give it to our teachers and fix our roads,” said Cunningham.

Voters who attended were already on board.

“Everything he stands for is everything that we support, like for women’s rights, for our rights.” said Clarissa Templeton.

Templeton attended the event with her wife and spoke about Cunningham’s support for the LGBTQ community and women’s rights.

“Honestly, some of the places we go out, she doesn’t want to hold my hand or make it obvious that we’re a couple, because some of the way people can be,” said Templeton.

She said she wants a state where everyone feels included. Cunningham and Casey put a lot of emphasis on the future generation.

“What they see in Joe is someone they can relate to, somebody who is talking about the issues that they care about, you know,” said Casey. “They’re the future, they’re the future and we should be paying attention to their needs.”

“It’s important to me that my children have the safe-guarded future, so they can make those decisions for themselves and make an educated decision,” said Amanda Lenar.

The democratic duo said they represent a new generation of leadership this state desperately needs.

Cunningham said they have many more stops on their campaign trail before election night. Cunningham and Casey encourage everyone to go vote on November 8.