SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) — Candidate for SC House District 28 Fritz Wiebel (D) is hoping his previous experience running for government and his plan to put more money in the pockets of the voters will help him get elected on November 8.

The candidate

A big change I want to see in South Carolina is the tax code. A large portion of the revenue for South Carolina comes from sales tax.

I would increase the state’s income tax. By that, I mean, if you cut the state’s sales tax and increase state income tax, which is deductible, you have just changed double taxation to a tax deduction.

Every sales tax and fee in the state that is not currently deductible needs to be converted so it can be written off.

What are some other issues besides taxes that you’re passionate about?

In District 28, there are a couple of emergency road projects that need to be done.

We’re all now paying 12 cents extra on the gallon for the gas tax. It’s supposed to be for roads. Well, I haven’t seen it. Not in my district.

I’m here to tell you, if I go into the legislature, if that infrastructure money comes down, we’re going to get what we need in 28.

Why have you made Duke Energy part of your campaign?

I’ve made Duke Energy an issue because they are in issue. They have done things and people have no idea what they’ve done. They’ve commandeered the solar market with the hands of the state legislature, green interests, and solar-installation companies — they’ve cut a deal.

Duke Energy has a “blank check” that says the people of South Carolina will not make a profit selling solar energy back to Duke.

How are you getting voters interested in your message?

I developed a system of “issue signs.” I use a printed sign that comes from the printer, but also next to it you will see a “position” sign from my platform. One sign says, “20 percent off on car insurance.” One says, “Say No to Duke.” And another one asks a question: “12 cents on the gas tax. Where’s the money?”

Pocketbook and education are the main issues I am bringing with me.