CHESNEE, S.C. (WSPA) – Voting in Chesnee was delayed this morning due to several issues at the polling place.

According to poll workers, they were not able to get into the building at Chesnee Elementary School until after 7 a.m. Construction on the normal entryways was also a problem.

Some voters were lined up an hour before voting was set to start.

The building was locked and log-in issues with the machines also pushed the workers behind.

“It must have been about 7:30 and then once we got in everything was already set up, but we didn’t have our username and our password. Normally it’s in the packet, we looked everywhere, and we couldn’t find it,” poll worker Vanessa Weeks said. “There were a lot of people upset and I understand that give or take everything that happened. We’re just doing the best that we can do, and it wasn’t anything intentional and God knows that we hated that it happened.” 

The issue was resolved after poll workers were able to gain entry and keep voters walking through the doors.