GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Former Congressman Joe Cunningham stopped in Greenville Saturday to host three events as a part as his campaign.

According to a press release, he began by hosting a teacher roundtable at Hughes Main Library. He discussed his plan to end the teacher shortage.

He also heard directly from teachers about other issues facing educators and students, officials from the office of Joe Cunningham said. He was join by the South Carolina Education Founder and current State Superintendent candidate Lisa Ellis foe this event.

Cunningham believes the state is suffering a teacher shortage. He said one out of every seven teachers in the state are leaving education because they do not feel appreciated

During his campaign for governor, Cunningham said that legalizing marijuana would provide additional funding that’s needed for pay raises and classroom resources.

Cunningham said he wants to raise starting teacher salaries to $50,000 per year by the end of his administration, as well as a 10% raise for all educators.

The second campaign event was the Young Dems of SC Convention where he spoke with supporters and party members, Cunningham’s office said. His last event was the Greenville Ministerial Town Hall.

Cunningham along with Pastor James Nesbitt, Pastor Stacey Mills and Senator Karl Allen hosted a roundtable discussion about issues that impact in various communities across the state, the teacher shortage and legalizing marijuana.