SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) — Libertarian Party candidate for SC Governor Morgan Bruce Reeves has played professional football, lectured as a senior pastor and headed community service organizations. Now, he’s hoping to apply the lessons he learned during those experiences as governor.

The following interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

The candidate 

South Carolina to me with it’s 6 million people has too much good-old-boy stuff. Behind the general assembly, there’s a lot of wheeling and dealing. You can rig things behind the general assembly. 

The biggest question is how can we collectively, not just the general assembly, every man, woman and child — every family will have an opportunity. I’ll be reaching out to South Carolina’s 6 million people saying to them, “I love you, and you guys are going to be involved in some of the decision making.”

In what ways would you involve the public in the decision making process? 

I’ll petition the general assembly for a referendum or something. But I think the 6 million people in the state of South Carolina can and should make certain decisions. So if I’m governor, I’m going to put stuff out there like abortion to get voted on; drugs, gun laws, things like that, I’m going to put it out there for people to vote on. 

I will also make a recommendation to the State Department of Education that we should teach our children about life experience and family planning. That education will curb abortion and crime and I think it would do them a lot of good. 

What issues do you feel most strongly about? 

I think education is the key to everything: violence, safe communities, safe workplaces. 

And another issue is that we see a lot of crime by people with mental problems. I would create an agency of mental health experts to go out there and take on these people that have these problems.

What other changes in education would you like to implement if you were governor?

Teachers are having a problem with retirement right now. What’s happening is we put the teachers pension money into the stock market.  I would stop that — don’t gamble with the teachers money. 

I will pay those teachers starting out with a salary of $50,000. School bus drivers would start out with the same thing, and other faculty and staff should be respected with their salaries. Under the management we have now, it just doesn’t pay. 

What would you like people to know about the Libertarian Party?

We don’t want the government to infringe on everybody’s personal rights. We just don’t believe in the government being so big, in general. 

Do you have a chance to win the election?

Yes. I just want everybody to know that I can win this governor’s race. I think I have the best ideas and the best interest for the people and I’m asking for them to vote for me on November 8th.