ANDERSON CO., S.C., (WSPA)- Residents in Anderson say they’re concerned about an RV park that’s planning to be built by the Piercetown neighborhood.

The land right off of Highway 81 was sold about a year ago.

The developer says they want to put a short-term stay RV park on the land, but long-term residents are doing what they can to stop it.

If it’s approved, the plan is to have 12 RV lots built on the site, and each customer can only stay there up to 90 days.

However, those plans are being met with some pushback.

“Why an RV park? That’s the whole question,” Resident of Piercetown Mark Wilson said.

Wilson has lived in Piercetown all his life.

The RV park would be right by his house.

He says not only will the neighborhood go down in value, but he’s worried about crime.

“9 times out of 10 when something like that comes in it does bring a different set of clienteles and a different set of people. It brings more crime into our area,” Wilson said.

Wyatt Fulbright also lives in the neighborhood.

He says he’s not against that land being developed, but feels like the RV park is a rushed proposal.

“We’d like to see something planned, and a little bit more developed, and kind of well thought out,” Fulbright said.

Wilson and Fulbright even started a petition to voice their concerns.

The petition states, “We believe the 90-day site rental limit will be easily circumvented by tenants looking to obtain a long-term low-income living situation.”

Fulbright said, “We’re hoping that we can take that to the county planning committee and show them that the community members have united together, they’ve made their voice heard, that we don’t want this development coming to the community. We hope they’ll take that into considerations.”

The Anderson County development planning committee says they won’t make a comment on the issue until a final decision is made.

The planning committee will vote on the fate of the land next Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the Anderson Courthouse.