GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Protestors marched in downtown Greenville Thursday, saying they want justice for Breonna Taylor.

“Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor” is a sentiment that’s been shared over and over. Wednesday, it was announced that a grand jury declined to charge two of the officers involved in the shooting that killed Taylor in her Louisville home.

For some in Greenville, the decision felt personal.

“It makes me think of like my grandmothers and my mother, and I’m just like what if it was us sleeping that night? What if it was my little sister sleeping that nigh?” said Brylyn Hamlin, who lives in Greenville. “It could’ve been any one of us.”

Dozens of protestors gathered at the Peace Center Thursday evening. Led and trailed by police, they marched from the Peace Center through downtown.

Protestors said they hope to see change.

 “I think it can get the word out,” said Ju’dasha Jones, who lives in Greenville. “It can bring awareness. It can get lawmakers to look at things, politicians to look at things, even police officers when they see this, to just take a second look and just maybe put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.”

Another Black Lives Matter protest against this decision is planned in Downtown Greenville for Saturday at 3 p.m.