PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — News of Donald Trump’s presidency was met with very mixed reactions: Some people were ecstatic about his election while others made it clear he does not have their support.

But many expressed legitimate fear the day after Trump was tapped to become the next commander-in-chief, and people around the world sought professional help to deal with their concerns.

Clinical Psychologist Esther Lerman Freeman with Oregon Health & Science University told KOIN 6 News she’s never seen anything quite like this.

“It feels like there was a hurricane or earthquake, people are pretty shook up,” Freeman said. “I’ve gotten calls, emails, texts from China, Israel, Virginia. People from different countries and people from different religions tell me that they felt afraid for themselves, that they felt afraid for the country.”

Freeman said there’s more anxiety, stress, sadness and feelings of disbelief for women she spoke with who may be experiencing those feelings due to thoughts of past abuse. For some, there’s the fear that Roe v. Wade, the landmark abortion decision, could be reversed.

While grieving can certainly be good, Freeman said it would be unhealthy for people to experience these emotions for 4 years. She said moving forward is a must.

“Action is the best correction for hopelessness or despair or fear,” Freeman said. “Positive action… makes us feel good, it makes us feel empowered.”

She also said not to hesitate taking a break from social media to help deal with any negative emotions, but always remember you are not alone.