GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – For a lot of Greenville County drivers, relief from congestion on Woodruff Road can’t come soon enough.

However, SCDOT is getting closer to embarking on a project aiming to relieve some of that gridlock and you have a chance to weigh in.

A Greenville Co. driver said if it’s not the congestion, it’s the traffic lights.

“Sometimes you’re waiting at lights two or three times,” said Greenville Co. driver, Daniel Treat.

In all, it’s a road some Greenville Co. drivers, try their best to avoid.

“I take secondary roads,” said Zay Rose who drives on Woodruff Road a couple times a week.

Both SCDOT and Greenville Co. leaders have been working on a plan for years, aiming to relieve some of those Woodruff Road invoked headaches.

A big part of that, would add a four-lane bypass road over a two and a half mile stretch between Verdae Boulevard and Smith-Hines Road.

On top of that, people in charge with SCDOT are asking frequent drivers to weigh in about what they believe would help. Some of those drivers told us though, they wish they knew the answer.

“This is like the mecca of where to come to for entertainment and all that stuff, it’s just like right here. It is, what it is,” Rose told 7NEWS.

The deadline for submitting this public input to SCDOT is April 28th. The details of how you can do that are here.

According to SCDOT, construction for this project wouldn’t fully start for at least another year.

Stay tuned with 7NEWS for an updated tentative timeline.