Spartanburg, S.C. (WSPA)- Atlas Organics, a composting organization in the region said it’s time for the public to be aware that too many pumpkins are discarded in landfills at the end of the season.

Discarded pumpkins can cause a plethora of greenhouse gases, harmful to the environment so the local composting company is looking to avoid all the trash.

Atlas Organics will host the first annual Pumpkin Smash on Nov 5 in Unity Park in Greenville and Hub City Farmers Market in Spartanburg.

The company asked that any leftover pumpkins after the Halloween season should be discarded in trash bins or smashed on site.

Atlas Organics will also be available to tell participants about their composting program.

You pay a fee to receive bins to collect your food waste and receive compost to use in return. Atlas will haul away your food waste in the time increment you select.

Jenn McDonald of Atlas Organics said compost is ready after just 45 days when you use their organization whereas, at home, it could take up to a year for the food waste to be able to be used in planting.

For more information visit their website