GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Mary Hipp is revolutionizing food access with a one-of-a-kind solution in Greenville.

Her first challenge feeding others dates back to college. With nine frat guys as neighbors. She organized a weekly meal and has been helping to put good food in mouths that need it ever since.

Ten years ago, Mary started the work, that led to the launch of Feed & Seed. It’s an 18 thousand-square-foot market and processing facility, located in Greenville’s Judson community. 

  She’s near a zip code that needs her, “29611 is the most food insecure zip code in Greenville County,” Mary said.

    The Feed & Seed, packed with nutritious fresh food choices is Mary’s dream, born of frustration. 

    “We’ve got the farmers and the growers and we’ve got the end users. It’s recreating or fixing the system that is in between,” Mary said.

     Local farmers needed expensive equipment to meet federal standards that allow their produce into schools and hospitals. The Feed & Seed invested in that equipment, saving small growers an impossible expense.

Video Above: The story of Mary Hipp

Mary said, “With this facility, we have taken the financial burden of equipment and employment off their plate and put it in our facility.

Because of the Feed & Seed, farmers have new markets. And families discover food that used to be out of reach.

The Feed & Seed also supports programs that deliver $20 produce boxes to Pickens and Oconee County families.

     On top of her work at Feed & Seed, Hipp has another BIG passion. Great Danes. She’s been rescuing and fostering since 2005.

      Whether rescuing Great Danes or produce about to go to waste, Mary’s a remarkable woman who learned from the best. 

      “It was ingrained in me by my parents and my grandparents, that if you’ve got the time the talent and the treasure then you should use it.” 

      The Feed & Seed market takes SNAP EBT – a market for everyone who enjoys fresh produce at good prices.

Video Above: One-on-one with Remarkable Women Winner: Mary Hipp