Word spread quickly about a second dead body discovered in less than a week near Blacksburg. 

On Sunday, Cherokee County deputies found a body believed to be that of Jeremy Filowiat. The Landrum man went missing last month. 

“She was telling me this morning that they found another body,” said Cherokee County resident Dawn Westmorelend. 

The first body was discovered by a S.C. DOT worker mowing grass near the intersection of Rock Springs Road and Shaman Road on Monday. Investigators have yet to release the identity, but say an autopsy was preformed last week. 

The body discovered Sunday is believed to be Filowiat. The 24-year-old’s family told 7News he was reported missing in mid July after failing to return home after a job interview in North Carolina. 

His car was found in Blacksburg last week and that’s where Cherokee County deputies resumed the search for Filowiat on Sunday. Deputies say while searching for Filowiat they found the body in a wooded area near Parker Road. 

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Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler says the body was badly decomposed, but a wallet was found containing the identification of Filowiat. Fowler says dental records will be used to confirm the identity. 

“We’ve never had no type of crime like that,” Westmorelend told 7News. 

Residents say the criminal activity is alarming, from shootings to people just vanishing. 

“Every night if you hear any bumps, at night, you have to get up and see what’s going on,” resident Ken Borders told 7News. 

“We [still] have the girl in Blacksburg that’s missing,” Westmorelend said. “My oldest daughter went to school with her.” 

Falon Cooksey went missing in June. Her family said she was last seen alive at a store near downtown Blacksburg. 

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Residents say they want to see law enforcement get a handle on the crime, so they can feel safe in again. 

“What do you think should be done?” asked 7News reporter Stefany Bornman. 

“I think the police needs to step it up a bit,” Westmorelend said.