As the weather gets warmer, families understandably want to get outside have fun.

There are however, some dangers associated with activities like bike riding or swimming that Safe Kids Upstate and the Greenville Children’s Hospital want you to be aware of.

Experts at Safe Kids say dehydration is extremely common among children playing outside.

They recommend hydrating 30 minutes before outdoor activity and during athletic games.

Sunscreen should also be used in the same way, before you go outside and then every thirty minutes as you’re outside.

The organization encourages measuring your children for the correct size bike and helmet before they ride. You use the size of the wheel to do so and correlate it with the specific age of your child.

While swimming, Safe Kids recommends lessons to get your toddler or young child used to the water so they feel comfortable and when they’re in a boat or anywhere near the water they should wear a specific life preserver.

Life preservers differ depending on the size and age of your child.

It’s important to also look for a seal of authenticity and certification on your life preserver.

Safe Kids holds events to help parents do this.

Safe Kids Upstate Manager Cynthia Fryer said the next event is at a baseball game.

“Kids that come out to safe kids at the drive on April the 10th, a Sunday, we will fit them with a helmet and teach parents how to fit them and they can walk away with a safety device,” said Fryer.

Safe Kids will also help parents install the correct size car seat for free and talk to parents about the dangers of leaving children in the car in the hot and cold weather.

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