COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) – South Carolina’s unemployment website is back in action after an issue with the verification system.

South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce officials reported earlier Thursday that a feature on their website had been suspended due to reported issues.

“Some claimants experienced unusual responses when engaging with security questions,” Heather Biance, media relations specialist, said. “Our team is working diligently with our identity proofing vendor, Lexis Nexis, but in the meantime we have suspended that feature until we come to a resolution.”

It happened to several people across the state, including Johnny Price Jr., who lives in Blacksburg.

“I put my information in, immediately, access denied,” Price said. “Then this morning I tried to do it again and it’s missing and so now you login but there’s not an LWA link so you can apply for it.”

Biance said the DEW is providing information to claimants, as they continue to try to protect them from fraud.

But for people like price who have been waiting months for a check, it’s not much help.

“My layoff was at the end of June so I didn’t get the big pay like a lot of people have been getting,” Price said. “Right now I’m fine, but two more weeks might be a different story.”

Price says at this point he’s continuing to apply for jobs and trying to stay positive.

“Keep your head up, it’s hard especially when you start to look at your bills because they keep coming in,” he said.

The DEW said they are “still on schedule to introduce the LWA certification by the end of the week.”

Biance said claimants are still able to access their accounts and weekly certification link.