ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – According to the South Carolina Department of Transportation, South Carolina has the deadliest rural roads in the country.

The department is working on a plan to fix the worst of them.

According to SCDOT, the Palmetto State has the highest traffic fatality rate in the country, and 60 percent of those fatal crashes happen on rural roads.

SCDOT is investing $124 million over ten years to make 1,000 miles of those deadly rural roads safer.

A ten mile stretch of U.S. 29 between I-85 and Snow Road that runs from Greenville to Anderson is one of the deadliest, according to SCDOT, with an average of 10 deaths or serious injuries annually in recent years.

“There’s a lot of congestion, people driving way too fast for the conditions a lot of times,” said Ian Kent, who told 7News he travels that stretch often.

SCDOT has come up with a plan to make these dangerous roads safer. Their solutions vary by roadway, but include re-paving, trimming vegetation, adding guardrails, and adding rumble strips.

“Our rural road safety program is a very high priority for us,” said Christy Hall, who is the Secretary of Transportation.

The owner of a gas station on U.S. 29 told 7News there’s one more thing that could help.

“I think if the presence of law enforcement a little bit more frequent at this site, especially at the busy time, that can slow down a lot,” said Anil Kalia, who owns an Exxon station on U.S. 29.

Three years into the ten year plan, work is either underway or has been completed on 393 miles of the worst rated rural roads, according to SCDOT.

“They’ve started some roadwork, and they’ve also patched some smaller holes in front of the jockey lot, but other than that, not really,” said Ian Kent when asked about work on U.S. 29.

Right now South Carolinians are paying almost 23 cents on the dollar in gas tax at the pump. Some of that money is going towards SCDOT’s Rural Roads Safety Program.