Roebuck, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County District 6 has been working for years to get their farm an organic accreditation by the USDA. 

This month they finally did. 

Every piece of produce grown on the district six farm makes its way into the school cafeterias.

Some of it ending up on the salad bar and other vegetables being served on the hotline.

The district says their overall goal is to provide local, fresh, organic produce to all of their schools.

The farm is 16 acres.

On the farm they grow produce like peppers and broccoli. 

District six recently completed a three year process to get this certification.

The district said they have come up with a system that combines organic compost, food safety and conservation practices.

They worked with a certifying body to get approval on what was used on the farm. 

“The practices we are wanting to put in place is the health and the well being of our students and we are trying to provide local healthy organic produce right to their tables,” Lisa Stansell said. 

Stansell works on the farm.

She said the health of the students is a priority in what they do.

On Wednesday, Broccoli was being planted.

Soon, it will be on the lunch line for their 11,000 students.

The farm is working with Clemson University Organic Certification Program to be in accordance with the USDA.

The district will also sell their produce to the community this fall at their farmer’s market.

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