TAYLORS, S.C. (WSPA) – A new school year brings a necessity to buy more school items like backpacks, papers, books and binders, shoes and coats too.

Founder and lead organizer of Upstate Organized Living Heather Taylor said it’s important to get rid of anything old that you won’t use anymore and make room for new things.

Taylor said it first important step is to have a drop zone where you enter your home to make sure all backpacks and clothes, books and shoes have a place to hang. Taylors said if things are on the floor they need to be in a bin or have a designated place.

In the kitchen, it’s helpful to have a special place to store snacks and even meal prep to allow for easy meals during the week. Keys, sunscreen and bug spray for example can be kept in bins as well.

In the closet, especially with children’s clothes, having the same type of clothing in different colors simplifies everything. Taylor also said it’s important to have the same place for dirty clothes and clean to put away after the laundry.

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