(WSPA) – Kids throughout the Upstate returned to school Monday and Tuesday, and shared photos of their first day back.

  • Kensington - 2nd grade
  • First Day of School!
  • Kaylee (9th) and Cash's (4th) first day of school
  • First of 3rd grade!
  • Abigail's first day of 4K
  • Jayden first day of 5th grade (Credit: Denise Burns)
  • Kenneth and Kaylynn Williams' first day of school (Credit: Danielle Williams)
  • Adelyn (4th) and Piper (2nd) (Credit: Autumn Kimbrell)
  • Parker's first day of 11th grade (Credit: Autumn Kimbrell)
  • Ayden's first day of 4th grade
  • First day of 6th grade and 11th grade
  • First day of 2nd grade
  • Layla Brown's first day of 1st grade
  • First Day of School
  • First Day of 2nd grade for Wesleigh.
  • First Day of School!
  • First day of 4K!

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