(WSPA) – Science can be complicated to teach in school, but it’s much easier to make a science project for class than it is to make a grammar project. 

With school starting shortly for many students, many kids will have an interest in science, or parents want to teach them a little about science.

We’re going to show you a couple of projects that can foster that interest along.

Tornado in a Bottle

The tools for this one are very easy.

Start with two empty 2-liter bottles.

Fill one bottle two-thirds full of water. Add food coloring or glitter to make it easier to see once it swirls. Take the other bottle and attach them together with duct tape at the openings of the bottles. Both bottles should be uncaped.  

Then all you have to do is flip it over, give it a little bit of rotation as you do so, and you have…looking at the top…the tornado in a bottle.

At-Home Atmosphere

The second shows a bit more about how the atmosphere works, as hot rises and cold sinks.

The atmosphere behaves like a liquid this way, so we can display this using water. 

To do this, you need:

  • a glass dish or bowl
  • a piece of cardboard that you can fit into the dish
  • a cup of cold water with some blue food coloring
  • a cup of hot water with some red food coloring

Wedge the cardboard into the dish vertically.

Then pour the cold water on one side and the hot on the other. Don’t worry if a little water gets around your cardboard wall.

Pull the cardboard out and let the colors swirl together. Give it some time, and the blue, cold water should sink and the hot, red water should rise.

If everything comes up purple, the water temperatures were too close to each other.  

Homemade Volcano

We’re not going to mess with the whole Papier Mache’ mountain, but we are going to show you the guts of the process and how to make one of those erupt.

For this project, you will need:

  • one two-liter bottle
  • two cups of white vinegar
  • half a cup of baking soda
  • half a cup of water
  • a little red food coloring
  • a little squeeze of light-colored dish soap  
  • a bowl or large cup
  • towels

Mix the baking soda and water together in a bowl or large cup.  

Pour the vinegar into the two-liter bottle, then add a few drops of food coloring and a tiny bit of dish soap. A little will go a long way.  

Pour the baking soda mixture into the bottle.  

Be sure to have some towels on hand, this is going to make a mess.

You can experiment with this one a little. More dish soap will make more foam, for example.

Three simple projects that may open the door to learning more about why things happen in nature.  

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