(WSPA) – With summer activities winding down, getting your kids into a regular routine is important. A routine that involves sunlight.

You want to make sure they get a little bit more sunlight first thing in the morning as part of a back to school routine.

Daylight is especially important for children according to Dr. Carson Felkel, the Medical Director for Behavioral Health at Bon Secours. 

“Kids’ brains are more susceptible to light, and the presence or absence of light can really affect their circadian rhythm more so.” 

Just what is the circadian rhythm? 

“We have this internal clock in our brain. And sunlight helps us to set the time. When you have a lot of sunlight it actually suppresses melatonin, which is the hormone that leads to sleep.” 

This makes receiving sunlight important to start the day. It also means that too much light at night will interfere with sleep. 

“In order to get kids ready for school when they wake up in the morning, you need to open the curtains, so they get light early in the day, and you need to get them off of their devices earlier in the evening because the light in the devices mimics natural light.” 

Your child’s behavior may alert you to a schedule that needs some adjusting. 

“Symptoms you should watch out for in your kids would probably be headaches or sensitivity to too much light.” 

“If you notice that your child is having issues, it would be really important to reduce the time that they’re on a screen at home, and certainly limit it thirty minutes before bed.” 

They’ll be happier and more alert during the day, which will be a big help in the classroom.