CHEROKEE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A series of big drug busts have gotten significant amounts of fentanyl and meth off the streets.

Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Mueller said there have been four significant drug busts in the past two weeks here in the County. His office has made several arrests, seized multiple different types of drugs, including more than 1500 Fentanyl pills and multiple pounds of meth.

“Our community will realize that we’re being very aggressive, but we also want the drug dealers to know that we’re going to be aggressive and we’re coming after them,” said Mueller.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office made two big busts this month. On May 9, deputies with their Narcotics Community Action Team seized over 1,000 fentanyl pills, along with other drugs.

“These pills, we don’t know who made these pills on the black market, so if they put too much Fentanyl in there, one pill could be deadly,” said Mueller. “So, 1,100 people’s lives could be at risk based off the amount of Fentanyl that’s in each pill.”

On May 5, Mueller said the team intercepted a woman picking up a package of meth.

“There was 8 pounds of meth that we took, a package was delivered and picked up by a female in Blacksburg, at the post office,” he said. “After she got the package, we were able to approach her and make an arrest.”

At the end of April, two other drug busts were made where deputies found 600 pills of fentanyl, grams of meth, cocaine and marijuana.

“Getting some major suppliers in our community, taking them down and getting them off the streets. Getting their drugs off the streets. A couple of them we’ve actually seized close to 2300 dollars in cash. So, that hurts those drug dealers,” said Mueller.

Mueller said the sheriff’s office make daily arrests for drug offenses, but the multiple arrests from these operations are different.

“These are not just people who have a drug problem and they’re using, these are big sellers who are pushing large quantities in our community and surrounding communities,” he said.

Mueller calls it a public safety threat. Sometimes, there are 2 to 3 overdoses a week, some being deadly, according to the sheriff.

Mueller said he is very grateful for citizens coming forward with anonymous tips. They also get information through undercover deputies and informants.

“The tips that we get and the information shared by citizens throughout our community, so we can get after the people who are pushing the poison in our streets to our children all the way to our senior citizens,” he said.

Mueller said along with all the drugs, they have seized a lot of weapons and cash.

The Sheriff’s Office said these four drug busts could be connected. Three cases are closed and one is still actively being investigated.