The Greenville County Sheriff and the Sheriff’s Office’s have responded to an amended lawsuit filed by a former Greenville County Sheriff assistant, Savanah Nabors.

The lawsuit claims sexual harassment and assault by Sheriff Will Lewis.

To read that amended lawsuit, click here: amended savanah nabors lawsuit

Lewis denied dozens of the allegations that are listed in the lawsuit, but did admit to several items.

Nabors claimed in the lawsuit that Lewis gave her several compliments about her appearance, which started shortly after she started working. Lewis admitted in the lawsuit that he spoke to Nabors regarding her separation from her husband. Lewis claims that he told Nabors that she was attractive during this exchange.

Many of the allegations in the amended lawsuit, surround a business trip in Charlotte, in which Nabors claimed she was sexually assaulted by Lewis.

Greenville County states that Lewis asked the County Administrator, Joe Kernell, for a budget discussion trip in Charlotte. Lewis states that in the lawsuit, Lewis states that he “looked forward to relaxing while on the trip.” Lewis also admits that he and Nabors drove together and that he did not inform his wife that Nabors was attending the trip. Lewis states that Chief Deputy Marcus Davenport also attended the trip.

Receipts from Greenville County indicate that County Administrator Kernell, along with two other deputy administrators stayed at the Hyatt Place Hotel March 7-9 of this year. Lewis states that Nabors and himself were also staying at the same Charlotte hotel.

Nabors claimed that Lewis put a bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey in her bag before entering the hotel. Lewis admitted to that in the lawsuit, stating that he did that with Nabors’ consent.

Lewis states that Lewis, Kernell, Davenport, and other Greenville County employees gathered for drinks and appetizers in the hotel bar during the trip.

Lewis states that during the trip he had a consensual sex with Nabors, and that it was initiated by her. Nabors claimed in the lawsuit that Lewis had possibly drugged her and that she woke up to having sex with Lewis. That claim has since been struck from the lawsuit.

Lewis does admit to traveling back to Greenville with Nabors and telling her, “What happens in Charlotte stays in Charlotte.”

In the lawsuit Nabors had claimed that Lewis had stalked her several times. Lewis claims that he had a discussion with Nabors about their relationship.

Lewis claims that he offered other employment to Nabors within the Sheriff’s Office and for her to reconsider her decision to leave.

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