Simpsonville, SC (WSPA) – The growth in Simpsonville is causing new art projects to spring up across the city.

Simply home, it’s a motto for Simpsonville; murals are bringing it all together. Elected officials, homeowners and even shop owners are all on board to bring it to pass.

Two city-funded murals grace building walls in downtown Simpsonville. They’re surrounded by shops and restaurants.

“They are so beautiful, it’s interactive the kids love it. The one over here has balloons on it so you can kind of mimic going up.” Owner, A slice of Brooklyn, Jennifer Pepe said.

Both murals sit on either side of her building. One, next to an auto mechanic shop, makes reference to a drive-in theatre, with cars always parked there to complete the look.

“We wanted to create a sense of place for people, we love taking selfies, we love taking photos with our friends and families and we thought what a great opportunity to put two murals on South Main Street, to give people a place to not only show themselves off but in doing so they’re showing the city off too.” Simpsonville, Community Relations Specialist, Justin Campbell said.

The other is in a gathering place called the courtyard or the alley and both murals are free for people to see, take pictures, and enjoy.

Jennifer Pepe and her husband just took over ‘A slice of Brooklyn’ 3 weeks ago and they’re already seeing how the artwork is a draw. 

“That courtyard is just booming, it’s fun, they’ll pick up the food, they’ll come and sit outside and it gives them a chance to also interact with the murals and I see them posted all over social media.” Pepe said.

One independent mural project is also popular in the city. It’s a sunrise with angel wings for children and adults. It sits at the corner of Hedge and Curtis streets. This street art, not funded by the city, but paid for by the owner of the building, is also a must-see for selfie enthusiasts.

“The city doesn’t have to be the only entity to put art in downtown. Some new murals have popped up in downtown Simpsonville and the city is absolutely excited to have those, they are absolutely beautiful. Whatever brings more people to downtown Simpsonville is what we’re interested in.” Campbell said.

The process for the two city murals started with a search for an artist. Out of 30 creators, Greenville artist Lacey Hennessey was chosen to paint both.

“Murals are a great way to invest a small amount of money and get a long-term investment.” Campbell said.

Paid for with hospitality taxes, city funds, and a generous donation from the Howard family, the mural project is part of an overall master plan.

“Simpsonville is in the midst of a longer-term project to revitalize downtown and that is included the murals, the ally way, the streetscaping projects. The city of Simpsonville is the place to be and can be simply home for residents and visitors alike.” Campbell said.

Both murals on South Main Street in Simpsonville cost about $14,500.00