SLED is investigating Cole’s towing over the towing of a big rig 9 days ago. 

A semi-truck owned by Boyd Brothers Transportation and driven by David Garland was parked in the Ingles parking lot on Highway 9. Garland tells 7 News he had verbal permission from managers at that Ingles that he could park his semi there. 

Cole’s towing owner Chris Cole tells 7 News that his company has a contract with Ingles corporate to tow vehicles from all of their stores. 

Boyd Brothers released this this statement to 7 News, “Our truck was parked legally and was illegally moved. We are working directly with law enforcement to resolve this matter and have no further comment at this time.”

Ingles released the following statement to 7 News, “We have canceled our business relationship with this company and are looking into past activity.”

Chris Cole, released the following statement,”the vehicle was lawfully towed based on a valid contract between Southern Pride Towing and Recovery and the owner of the premises where the vehicle was unlawfully parked. Southern Pride towing wants to resolve this matter as quickly as possible and is currently waiting to hear back from the owner of the vehicle, Boyd Brothers Transportation. 

*After this story had aired, Cole’s towing owner Chris Cole contacted 7News and clarified stating that he owns several companies and that he does have equipment that  could tow a semi truck. Cole would not say whether he used that equipment to two the semi in question.