SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- Walking through downtown Spartanburg, you’ll see ‘Help Wanted’ posters on the front of many restaurants and businesses.

Some owners are labeling it as a staff shortage across the city.

They say the dwindling number of employees is a cause for concern.

The manager of Pokenori, Seth Mathis, says they had a shortage last year and he’s doing everything he can to avoid it happening again.

Mathis said, “We’ll have lines close to the door where people are just waiting and saying why is this taking so long, what’s going on, and I’m just like, I can’t do anything. It’s a staff shortage.”

He says staffing is never an issue there during the summer, but they’re worried about the fall.

“When college kids leave it’s hard to find full-time staff members and it makes scheduling a little hard,” Mathis explained.

Co-owner of Market on Main, Stacey Johnson, says they’re fortunate enough to be fully staffed right now.

However, she says they will also have to make adjustments when their student-employees leave to go back to school, “We also have the turnover when college starts up.”

Johnson says she also thinks a lot of places downtown are still suffering from the impact of Covid.

“With the pandemic, it’s just affected all of us in ways that we’re still fighting,” Johnson said.

Some other businesses 7 News spoke to said they may end up increasing employee wages as an incentive and say what that could do is raise prices for customers.

Business owners are also saying unemployment benefits in the pandemic may have made the shortage worse.

The end of those benefits in South Carolina was June 30.