SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Customers who visited a Spartanburg car wash may want to check financial statements for suspicious activity.

Whatta Wash Car Wash said in a notice that malware was placed on its point-of-sale system.

Customers who used a payment card at the car wash between Feb. 20 and March 2 were warned in a notice that their payment card information may be at risk. Whatta Wash Carwash said it was informed of the breach on March 27.

“For those customers who used a payment card at our location between the dates of 2/20/2017 and 3/2/2017 the information the intruder had access to includes the cardholder’s first and last name, card number and security code,” according to the notice on the business’ website.

The company said it’s working with a third-party platform provider to remove malware from its system and is providing one year of complimentary credit monitoring to impacted customers.

Marty Dew, one of the owners of Whatta Wash says it is affected up to 200 other car washes that use that system.

“We’re a small business, so we didn’t have any way of knowing this was happening and in a way we’re sort of victimized too without even knowing it,” Dew explained. “Integrity, honesty, respect are the business values that we have so when we found out about it, we wanted to make sure that our customers knew about it.”

Dew is hoping not many of their customers are impacted.

“Even though our providers are using the latest technology to try to protect our systems, the thieves are finding ways to get around these things and are constantly they’re improving their technology as well,” Dew said.

Fraudulent activity should be reported to law enforcement authorities and the company recommends customers contact their credit and/or debit card company about getting a replacement card to help protect against possible identity theft.

Whatta Wash Car Wash has Spartanburg locations on Reidville Road and E. Main Street.

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