SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County has approved their new, strategic 5-year plan. Officials say they surveyed the community to see where taxpayers want their money going. They used that information to help create the second, 5-year strategic plan that has different areas of focus to help the county grow.

The county’s new plan of action was approved at the end of September. There are 5 main focuses and the first one is roads.

“The hottest thing on everybody’s mind. The state of our roads, whether it’s state, a county road or a municipal road, they’re in bad shape,” said David Britt.

David Britt, the Economic Chair of Development for the county, says with all the economic growth, they have more money in the bank.

The second focus in the plan is making strategic use of land to foster a better quality of life.

The third is businesses.

“We’ve been able to recruit companies here that raise per capita income, but also, when it comes to the economic impact, is putting money in the pockets and pocketbooks of the citizens that live here,” said Britt.

The county says the fourth is expanding access to affordable housing, through subdivisions, single family homes and apartments.

With the fifth major focus being downtown.

“Downtown is actually like the heart of a body and if that heart’s not healthy, the body is not going to be healthy,” said Britt.

Britt says these goals will help increase the level of prosperity for each resident. He says all the investments in Spartanburg County will lower the tax burden and improve the overall quality of life.

 “You’re going to have so many opportunities and your children won’t have to leave Spartanburg to find the best job in the United States, if not the world. We’ll offer it right here in Spartanburg,” he said.

Britt says the county has already hit the ground running with the plan and it will be in affect from years 2022-2027. For this plan, he says they surveyed 2,800 residents.

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