SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Speeding, congestion and backed-up traffic. Those are just some of the complaints people living around Spartanburg County have brought to the attention of local decision makers regarding two major roads. Those are U.S. 176 near the Converse Heights neighborhood in Spartanburg and I-85 near the Cherokee County border.

A special place for Ann Bearden. She’s the owner of Sugah Cakes and has been for a long time

And now she’s moving her business to a new location not too far away.

Part of the reason behind that, the growing issues she has noticed on the street where her business is currently located.

“My customers that come frequently know some tricks to get out but our average customer, it’s almost impossible for them to turn left,” said Owner of Sugah Cakes, Ann Bearden.

It’s not just the traffic and frequent semi trucks on this stretch of U.S. 176 she’s worried about, she told us she also notices a lot of drivers speeding by.

It’s an issue Jody Traywick has noticed too. He’s with a local non-profit dedicated to keeping the community safe.

“This is not a good situation when you have massive vehicles like this mixed with slow, local pedestrian traffic right in the middle of our town. It’s not safe,” said Member of Citizens for Safe Streets, Jody Traywick.

South Carolina Rep. Max Hyde is well aware of these problems because he can see it out his office window. While he told us, the congestion is a positive symbol of a growing area, he wants something to be done.

“Maybe some restrictions, ultimately an alternate path perhaps like Highway 295 which is also part of the freight system,” said State Rep. Max Hyde.

He brought these concerns to South Carolina’s Secretary of Transportation, Christy Hall, during a recent meeting.

She told 7 News, they will be doing a technical review on the area to figure out any possible options.

Traywick with that local non-profit told us they will be meeting with Hall sometime in September to figure out what’s next for this stretch of U.S. 176. She told us the studies and review that needs to be done on that stretch of road could take around 30 days.

As for what’s next with the I-85 project, Hall said it has been a challenging one and they will continue to bring updates on its progress.