SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) A new road construction project is underway in Spartanburg County.

Following a multi-year survey, the county found that a portion of the road is unsafe for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.

“The roads were very narrow. They didn’t have any kind of shoulder and they had really deep ditches. A lot of the curves were too curvy, causing a lot of accidents, especially in the winter time because the roads were icy,” said Sherry Dull, Senior Transportation Planner, Spartanburg County. “This created the need the need to update this quarter and the 3.3 miles-long road from Union St. all the way to Whitestone Glendale.”

According to the project contractor, Palmetto Corporation of Conway, October 17 marked the start of the multi-year project. It is expected to be completed on or before May 31, 2025. 

County representatives said the project has five phases. The first part will begin near Union St. and work east towards Clifton-Glendale Rd.

New signage and traffic control devices will be installed in all directions all. The contractor said it will apply temporary markings and maintain 10-ft travel lanes with daily lane closures and alternating one-way traffic patterns while maintaining driveway access at all times.

Construction will begin on the west end at Union St and will concentrate on the roadway improvements and coordination with Norfolk Southern to complete all railroad construction.

“It will begin on the west end at Union St. At that point it’s going to concentrate on roadway improvements in coordination with Norfolk Southern to complete that railroad construction and they are putting in a crosswalk for pedestrians and bicyclists,” said Dull.  

The contractor said they will then work on construction of the new bridge over Four Mile Creek, construct the sedimentation pond and finish the roadway, curb & gutter, medians, traffic signals, markings, sidewalks and shared-use path.

According to transportation directors, it’s funded by a combination of county, state and federal dollars and is a blueprint for other road projects across the state.

“This is an example of what the state is already going to, as well as federal, and SCDOT just adopted last year the complete streets police and now they are working on a regional model,” said Dull.  

Project leaders said their goal is to keep the roads maintained and those traveling safely.

SCDOT encourages you to seek alternate routes, if possible, due to the anticipated congestion.