SPARTANBURG CO., S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County school districts have released their plans to return to school this fall, giving us some idea of what the new year may look like.

7 News learned what parents think about the potential changes.

“A lot of people want life to go back to normal. So do we. I think everybody does. It’s just that ‘normal’ looks a little different now,” Spartanburg School District 3 Spokesperson Aly Myles said.

When it comes to school, parents of Broome High School students told 7 News their children have never been so ready to get back.

“My boys are very social,” Tracie Dickson said. “They thrive very well in a social atmosphere.”

“My son has ADD, so he needs the personal contact and attention,” Kim Varner added.

Right now, there are four models that many of the Spartanburg County school districts are considering.

The first is the traditional option, which would be the normal in-person instruction, but with safety measures in place.

“We have to keep not only our students’ health and their loved ones at home a priority, but also our staff a priority, and that means potentially doing masks for teachers and temperature checks and smaller class sizes,” Myles said.

Parents told 7 News, with those safety measures, they feel comfortable sending their kids back to the classroom.

“I would be more concerned with me getting it and bringing it home than them getting it and bringing it home,” Varner said.

“I will do whatever we have to do–wear masks–just to keep everybody safe,” Broome High School student Mason Dickson said.

The second option is distance learning, which would be learning from home.

“That doesn’t really fit our schedules and the way we do things at our house,” Tracie Dickson said.

Third would be a hybrid of the two. But this option could look different for each grade.

“You’d come Monday and Wedneday to school, and then Tuesday and Thursday, you’d be at home with assignments–still able to talk to your teacher, just not in that classroom environment,” Myles said.

Then, there’s the Virtual Academy option, which is a semester-long commitment to e-learning.

“Being away from everybody for such a long time would just be weird,” Mason Dickson said.

“Some of the students don’t have a good home life and they need the interaction with the teachers and that love and support that they get,” Varner said.

School officials are asking parents to be patient and understand that what happens will all depend on the virus.

“As we know, everything could change in a few weeks,” Myles said. “We just want our parents to know what the options are going to be so that they can start talking about it, thinking about it, and figuring out the logistics.”

“Whatever happens, we’re going to be ready for it. We were ready in March,” Tracie Dickson said. “I think everybody in the world has just kind of learned to fly by the seat of their pants.”

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