SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA)- The Spartanburg County Veterans’ Affairs Office is extending resources for veterans in need who cannot make it to them in person.

The Spartanburg VA Office will now go to a veteran during certain situations rather than a veteran going to the office.

For example, vets in nursing homes, hospice care, or even in detention centers can get a visit from the VA office to receive their services.

That also goes for any veterans struggling with transportation or childcare.

Those who cannot make it for a walk-in appointment can have someone come to them to help file claims for compensation in disability.

Spartanburg County VA Director Brent Cobb said that no matter the situation, the men and women who served their country deserve these resources.

The VA office recently started doing the at-home visits and says they will stick to it.

Cobb said over a period of time they get those calls from veterans who are critically ill and in the final stages of life and “it’s important that we go to them, and we try to get those benefits established.”

Any veteran needing a visit from the Spartanburg County VA office: (864) 596-2553.