SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The Zero Tolerance for Litter campaign aims to increase awareness of South Carolina’s litter laws in an effort to alleviate the state’s litter woes.

Spartanburg County Environmental Enforcement Division (SCEED) is supporting the campaign alongside the South Carolina Litter Control Association, PalmettoPride and other law enforcement agencies.

Jamie Nelson, the director of SCEED, said that while his officers and community partners are making progress in the battle against litter, it is an ongoing fight.

According to Nelson, 2,480 volunteers spent a total of 8,873 hours cleaning up the community in 2022. Through those efforts, 15,000 pounds of litter were cleaned up and 14,200 pounds of recyclables were collected.

This year, the county’s litter crew has collected more than 24 tons of litter. Volunteers have also continued efforts to keep the community clean.

Keep OneSpartanburg Beautiful organizes many of these efforts. To see upcoming cleanup events in the county, click here.

Littering and illegal dumping are crimes.