SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – A Spartanburg man’s life has been changed forever. He told 7 News he tested positive for COVID-19 a couple weeks ago and is still recovering from the virus.

Even though he is still healing, helping others is what he’s focused on now.

“I just asked the Lord to take me home, I can’t take this anymore,” said Spartanburg resident, Bobby Bennett.

It’s a battle Bobby Bennett said he never thought he would be stuck fighting. He started feeling ill when he got home from a trip to California. In only a matter of time, he told us his fever was sky high.

“It took all the strength you can get to walk six feet, that’s how this thing knocks you down. It affected every bit of my body,” Bennett said.

He told us at first he was diagnosed with a sinus infection but he eventually made his way to additional healthcare providers. One of which he said isolated him for a few days. Then he told us he got his test results back from DHEC.

“In the whole thing I said some people win the lottery, I won COVID-19. That’s just my luck,” Bennett said.

It’s now been over three weeks since Bennett said he tested positive. But he said he still has a ways to go.

Even though he has been left dealing with the lingering symptoms of this virus, he has something else at the front of his mind.

“I want to help others because I know the Hell that disease brings on,” Bennett said.

He wants to donate plasma. It’s something he wasn’t able to do in the U.S. until just days ago when the FDA approved what’s called convalescent plasma.

“There has been research to show that people who have recovered from the virus have antibodies in their plasma that can then be given to someone else to help them fight the virus themselves,” said Media Coordinator with the Blood Connection, Allie Van Dyke.

Allie Van Dyke with the Blood Connection told us there are rules that need to be followed. That includes having documentation of positive test results and waiting 28 days after you’re fully recovered.

Bennett said if that’s the case, he will be first in line.

“I can tell you that COVID-19, the experience has taught me how to be a different person,” said Bennett.

That person includes keeping a mask and gloves close by even after this pandemic runs its course.

Bennett flew back into the Charlotte airport coming from Los Angeles shortly before being diagnosed. He told us he will not be flying again anytime soon.

If you meet the guidelines to donate, you do need to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

You can find information on how to do that on the Blood Connection website here.