SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – While shoppers look for the best discounts and deals during Black Friday at all the big box department stores, local businesses said they have to open their doors too.

Pink on Main owner, Amy Zimmer, said it’s really not an option to stay home and rest.

“As a small business owner there is no break in retail. You go into it, expecting that that’s where you’re going. You’re going to have to open up,” Zimmer said.

She’s been in business in Spartanburg for 12 years. The Spice & Tea Exchange store manager, Lily Kincaid, agreed with Zimmer.

Kincaid explained that the store offered a sizable gift bag with spices and teas to the first 20 customers who came in, to help drum up business.

“We didn’t have a trample. But, we definitely had people waiting for us to open, right when we opened, which was fun. That makes it a more festive and enjoyable time of the year,” Kincaid said.

The Spice & Tea Exchange opened last year in 2018. The store Kindred Spirits opened four years ago selling local artwork from over 80 different artists.

Co-owner Kathryn Macdonald said the store wasn’t giving out discounts on Black Friday because they didn’t want to take money away from their artists.

“We’re thankful to help bring their beauty to people who are looking for gifts and things for their home, that are looking a little bit different,” Macdonald said.

But they planed to donate some of their proceeds to Ruby Mae’s Attic, which helps victims of domestic abuse.

Zimmer added that sales, gifts and discounts do help, but overall small businesses shouldn’t stress too much.

“Bricks and mortars, I think is definitely going to have a major come back in the future and if you listen to any kind of retailers talk, that’s definitely the trend,” Zimmer said.

Macdonald noted that she sees the community support.

“They thank us for being a local store,” Macdonald said.

Kincaid added that she’s ready for Black Friday to evolve into something more pleasant.

“Come in a shop after you’ve had your time with your family on Thanksgiving, after ya’ll had a nice morning together. Then come in and enjoy some great shopping and great deals for the holidays,” Kincaid said.