GAFFNEY, S.C. (WSPA) – The historic and heavily-trafficked T-Bridge in Gaffney is finally getting repairs. The state has appropriated half a million dollars to make some major renovations.

This is a bridge a lot of people in Gaffney will tell you, they’ve been over at least once. Especially, when trains come through town.

“Everybody mainly uses it when the train comes through, that’s the only time I go across it,” said Gaffney Resident Dustin Dover.

It’s a shortcut instead of waiting for the caboose, even for emergency personnel.

“We use it all the time due to the number of trains that come through Gaffney,” said Gaffney Fire Chief Jamie Caggiano.

But that doesn’t mean Mike Cox likes the view.

“When I go over it, I’m hoping it doesn’t collapse,” said Gaffney Resident Mike Cox.

He’s talking about the T-Bridge showing its age.

“From what I understand, structurally it’s okay. There is a lot of structural damage as far as walking traffic,” Chief Caggiano told us.

That includes rusted out rails, decaying posts and crumbling asphalt on the road. There has been a push to fix it, especially from Gaffney’s Mayor, Dr. Randy Moss but the funds haven’t always been there until now.

That’s half a million bucks from the state. It’s all happening through help from state lawmakers and local leaders like Mayor Dr. Randy Moss. These funds will primarily target issues like the sidewalks, railings and resurfacing.

When all of this is going to get started, we don’t know right now. The city administrator in Gaffney told us, he’ll be sitting down with someone from the state’s department of transportation Thursday morning to iron out all the details and a timeline.