SYLVA, N.C. (WSPA) – The Sylva Police Department arrested two men Tuesday in reference to a widespread identity theft and check manufacturing operation.

The police department said Marcus Mobley of Raleigh was charged with larceny, resist obstruct and delay, second-degree trespass, shoplifting & conceal goods, forgery of instrument and larceny of chose in action and Dykee Harrison was charged with resistant public officer and conspiracy.

Police said the investigation began when they received a call about an unknown person trying to use a stolen check at the State Employee’s Credit Union in Sylva.

Upon arrival, officers were told the suspect fled the area, police said. They later found the suspect and his vehicle at a Sonic restaurant.

According to officers, the suspect initially gave a fake name and fraudulent Oklahoma driver’s license, but he was later identified as Marcus Mobley.

Investigators learned through probable cause that additional evidence could be found in a hotel room at the Comfort Inn. Officers said a search warrant was obtained for the room.

The police department said they found Dykee Harrison in the hotel room where he was later arrested for refusing to comply with officers.

Officers said they seized paper documents, various identification cards and equipment that can manufacture credit cards, debit cards and paper checks.

The Sylva Police Department said the investigation will remain open due to assumption that this case impacted many victims across a large geographical area.