CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A man has been arrested, and another is in the hospital after a fight led to both men getting stabbed Thursday, Aug. 25, according to Charlotte Metro Police Department.

German Urrutia, 39, is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Another arrest is pending for the second suspect, Demetrius Mitchell, 32, but he is currently in the hospital.

(German Urrutia | Courtesy: MCSO)

The altercation happened around 1 p.m. at the 1200 block of Thomas Avenue near Harris Teeter in Plaza Midwood.

Witnesses told QCN everything began with an alleged road rage incident when a car almost ran over two people walking in the area.

Police say two brothers, one of whom was Urrutia, got into a verbal argument with the driver, Mitchell, and began to fight in the parking lot.

During the fight, Mitchell pulled a knife and stabbed Urrutia’s brother.

“The gentleman in the car turned around, went over and confronted them and stabbed one of the guys, and then the brother of the stab victim went over there and sliced the guy up,” said Samuel Myatt, a witness on the scene.

Mitchell dropped the knife during the fight; Urrutia picked it up and ‘began to defend himself and his brother,’ the incident report said.

After snatching the knife off the ground, Urrutia stabbed Mitchell.

Everyone was separated, but Urrutia reapproached Mitchell and used the knife to cut him in the chest before the two were broken up again.

“I walk here with my 8-year-old son,” said Jeff Cravotta, a neighbor in the area. “I was thinking: ‘I’m glad I wasn’t here a few minutes earlier, I’m glad I didn’t walk into the middle of it.’ I’m still processing it, to be honest.”

Both victims had surgery to treat the wounds they got during the brawl.