COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) — Republican incumbent Henry McMaster and Democrat challenger Joe Cunningham will face off Wednesday night in their first and only gubernatorial debate.

Wednesday’s debate starts at 7PM and will be available to watch here.

Ahead of Wednesday’s debate, we spoke with voters in Richland County about some of the big issues they hope the candidates talk about.

Michael Toliver hasn’t cast his ballot just yet but he’s planning to do so soon. He said abortion, the economy, education, and public safety are some of the top issues to him.

He said he hopes to hear each candidate’s stance on those issues Wednesday night.

Toliver said if he had one question to ask the candidates, he would ask ‘What can you do to make my tomorrow better than my today?”

Thousands in South Carolina have already cast their ballots before next month’s General Election. During the first day of early voting, state election officials reported record turnout.

Early voting locations across the state remained busy Tuesday.

The Jones family cast their ballots Tuesday morning. They said abortion and inflation were some of the top issues for them.

Elaine Jones said, “I think a woman should have the right to choose and that decisions should be between her and God.”